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We believe in creating a menu with ingredients that are totally consistent with our philosophy of clean ethical healthy food. Sounds simple? It means making sure that every single process from who is the supplier / producer, quality of fresh produce, storage methods, condiments, cooking techniques must be carefully considered. We certainly do not think it is simple. We do it the hard way but we believe it is the only way.

Many "healthy" establishments would simply put up a banner saying "healthy food", "no MSG", and "Less salt" etc. Yet ironically, you will find that they are using microwaves, frozen ingredients, MSG laden ketchup or chilli sauce as a condiment, processed vegetable cooking oil and many more unbelievable stuff.


We believe everyone has a important role in saving our environment. Small actions can one day reap big rewards. Here are some of our humble projects.

Selling of recycled bags have now become a business by itself. At Real Food, we hope to slow this process by renting out returnable bags rather than selling them to you. In this way, we can rent the same bags out to many others instead of them lying somewhere in your storeroom.

What is the best way to get rid of your used cooking oil? As a restaurant, we definitely know this is a problem. Thus we have been co-developing a formula to recycle our used cooking oil into eco friendly household detergent. In fact, we are now re-using this detergent to wash our soiled dishes.



We believe that to be successful in Real Food, you must first learn to become a good human being. That means learning to develop a common sense, to become compassionate and to be responsible. That is why we emphasize so much on character training. To us, learning to cook, to serve, to cut vegetables are secondary.

Besides spending our time sourcing for better ingredients, we also look for destinations or teachers to help better ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

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