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We are indie!

Real food is self-run by a team
of passionate and stubborn indi-
viduals who believe we are what
we eat.

We are independent from health and food asso-
ciations, institutes or ministries and we are not
influenced by religion or politics. Instead, we
spend our time being informed about where and
how our food is produced while actively support-
ing local producers, therefore becoming part of
the integral production process.

Our café is also free from processed ingredients
(food grade or otherwise), artificial preservatives
and Trans-fat.

Last but not least, we are meat free!

3 pairs of hands, 6 hours and lots
of dedication. These are what we
need to make just 50 to 60 sets of
dumplings. We are obviously not
a fast food joint and we have no
intention of becoming one.
Instead we make our food in
small batches from scratch and
by traditional methods.

We believe there is no shortcut to good quality
food and compromising is not an option. No
microwave, no pre-packed or processed food,
fresh and no pre-cut ingredients, slow-pressed
juicer, low heat pan-frying, homemade sauces
and making your food only when you order them
are just some examples of why we produce and
serve only SLOW FOOD!

So before you make a fuss about how long you
have to wait for your meal, why not think about
how long it takes us to prepare your food!


We spend an incredible amount
of time and effort preparing and
sourcing for good quality and
‘ethical’ food to put on our menu.

The food items may just be names to you but
there are remarkable stories behind every single
one of them – like the amazing but often victim-
ised farmers and raw food producers, our
struggles of believing in the food industry differ-
ently and standing by it, the meticulous process
of creating real food, the emotional attachments
to them, our critics, and the good
people that put them together.

Amazingly, only 3 fresh ingredients go into our
pancake mix and it has a maximum shelf life of
just 24 hours. Comparatively, commercial pan-
cake mixes consist of 10 to12 ingredients includ-
ing flavouring, hydrogenated oil, Sodium
Aluminium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate
and Dextrose. They last for at least 6 months.
What about salad dressings? Our lemon and oil
dressing, for example, consists of only fresh
lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt and organic olive
oil. A similar bottled dressing will have canola oil,
Xanthan Gum, MSG, Potassium Sorbate, EDTA,
caramel colour and ‘god-knows-what’ other

Homemade yoghurt = just milk Commercial
yoghurt milk, sweeteners, pectin, phosphates,
flavouring and more. The list goes on.

We choose to make our food from
scratch and with only fresh and
‘recognisable’ ingredients. It
takes a little more time and effort,
but simply just by knowing what
goes into our food makes it
worthwhile. You can also choose
to avoid processed junk. Take a
look at the ingredients the next
time you want to buy any pro-
cessed food and see if you can
recognise how many of the items

Very often, it’s only a few.


One of the biggest complaints about eating well
is that it costs too much. In turn, we would like
to ask if you ever think about how most ‘fast’,
processed and junk food can cost so little?

A typical farmer earns as low as 10 cents per
chicken. How many chickens do they have to rear
to make a sizable profit? And we all know what
happens next.

“Today’s food is too cheap to
last,” Julian Cribb writes in the
final section of the “The Coming
Famine”. “To avert the coming
famine we all need to start paying
its true price–not blindly transfer-
ring the cost of what we consume
today to our grandchildren tomor-

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